Covid-19 Policy

Paragliding is a sport where safety issues are always the number one priority. Because of the new coronavirus there is a new dimension to consider regarding safety issues. We live in challenging times on a global level, and we all need to take responsibility to contain the spread of Covid-19.

When it comes to paragliding as an activity there are lots of positives, one is that it is a one-person activity, plus the pilot.Another positive is that paragliding is practised outdoors, in open air (as open as it gets actually).

Furthermore, we have introduced some new safety measures:

  • The transportation car will carry only three persons at a time: the pilot, the passenger and the assistant.
  • Before each new flight we sanitize the car with appropriate disinfectant liquids and wipes.
  • We provide a single-use head protection to each new passenger so that the helmet never gets in contact with the skin.
  • We follow the governmental guidelines carefully and we are always ready to add more safety precautions to our protocol at any time.
  • Vaccinated Pilot.

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